VITO N.V., the Flemish institute for technological research, is an independent research centre, a crossroads of knowledge where the latest technologies and practical applications meet. VITO conducts customer oriented contract research and develops innovative products and processes in the fields of energy, environment and materials, for public and private sectors. VITO is a recognized research organization providing policy advice for governments, strategic research in collaboration with universities and other research institutes and consultancy services for the industrial and the building sector. VITO is currently participating in different EU projects ADDRESS, E-Hub, GeoGreen, FC-Districts, Seesgen, Energsip, DLC-VIT4IP and Sparc on smart grids and is working on its research program ‘Smart Systems’ with the implementation of an on site test grid for the monitoring and control of several types of DER. The expertise of VITO is focused on: Communication Protocols (PLC), Integration of DER into the grid, the combination with both thermal and electrical storage systems and the development, control and monitoring of (plugin) hybrid electric vehicles.
Third MERITS newsletter - July 2014
The third MERITS newsletter has been released, including news on thermal storage material, component, and system level developments. Check it now!
MERITS in IEA Solar Update June 2013