Developing a compact rechargeable heat battery

The MERITS consortium is working on a new solution for improved use of renewable sources for heating, cooling and domestic hot water applications in individual (new & existing) dwellings in three climate zones.

The aim is to build a prototype of a fully functioning compact rechargeable heat battery that would fit in for example a cellar or underground a garden. In addition, business models and market strategies are developed to foster market take-up before 2020.

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Compact Heat Storage

Research & Development

Going beyond the state of the art requires R&D on almost all parts of the system.
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Building & Testing

The prototype rechargeable heat battery will be built and tested in two field-tests in different climate zones.
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Market Replication

New solutions for compact heat storage should actually be implemented. New business models and new market strategies will be developed to this end.
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Major Results

The objective is to create a fully functional prototype ready for market replication. Here, the major intermediate results will be published.
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The current project has received funding from the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013) under grant agreement No ENER/FP7/295983 (MERITS).
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